Review – Green Onion, Malvern East, Melbourne

 A retrospective review of this fantastic organic grocer from our travels to Melbourne…

Green Onions Entry

Today Emma and I went for a walk in Malvern East to the local shops and were lucky enough to find a lovely organic shop. We entered and were greeted with lots of scrumptious fruit and veg. I turned to ask if I could take some photos and met Chris, the owner -he blessed us with some of his time.

green onions collage 2

Chris has worked in the industry for nearly 20 years and still gets just as excited when summer comes and he can bite into a juicy peach. Green Onions has been open for 4 years and has grown steadily simply through great produce, service and word of mouth. They try to source as much produce as possible locally. This has also required some education about food seasonality. A strong believer in the organic certification process, Chris shows his support by stocking 95% certified organic products. It doesn’t stop there though – first preference goes to biodynamic produce because of the holistic farming techniques used.

green onions collage 1

Green Onions is a great place to source your food if you live locally, or if you’re passing through Chris will likely tell you about an organic shop near you. You may even make some new friends there. Thank you to Chris & the Green Onions staff – it was a pleasure.

Find all the details here at their website.

Enjoy life – Michael.


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