Month: August 2014

Hometown Tour with Piggy

As we prepare to pack up and head off through Oz and overseas…


piggy 37 days low qual


… thought it might be nice to see where we are coming from. And what better way to kick off Piggy’s trip with us than a little hometown tour? Enjoy.


Our local beach - Port Willunga (or Port Willy for short - yes, you heard me)

Our local beach – Port Willy (local slang for Port Willunga) – yeah, life’s tough here…. we are spoilt with beautiful beaches, hills, fertile land and a temperate climate.


piggy market tents

Piggy preparing to enter the best farmers markets in SA (says me!) – the Willunga Farmers Markets – open every Saturday

piggy garden farmers stall

The Garden Farmers stall – inaugural winners of the market’s pioneering scholarship for young farmers

piggy bickleigh vale stall 1

Di from Bickleigh Vale Farm entertains Emma and Piggy at her market stall – this being the wonderful organic farm we volunteer on. Di is a vortex of awesome farming energy – she has a knack for attracting young people interested in agrarian activities and generously imparts her knowledge and time to them, setting forth many a new farmer…

piggy wilmark the magnificent

Emma & Piggy atop “Wilmark, the Magnificent” – the market’s official mascot.



piggy willunga waldorf school

Spot the piggy 1 – at Emma’s school, Willunga Waldorf. Excellent school for raising grounded, creative, confident children through the alternative Waldorf (Steiner) curriculum.

piggy almond grove 2

The biodynamic almond grove at the school – almonds used to cover a significant portion of Willunga’s growing land. Much has been converted to vineyards for wine.


piggy bakery A

Guess which local icon Piggy is hangin at now?….

piggy bakery B

Spot the piggy 2: It’s ‘Home Grain Bakery’ Aldinga – who also has a sister in McLaren Flat. Bakeries baking with real ingredients – the results speak for themselves!

piggy willunga hills

Ciao for now from piggy (and the hills and fields of our beautiful area) xx


The Web of Life(styles) – addictive goodness & Adelaide’s GroCo



As I come off the back of a Local Grower’s Collective meeting (a little word on this later, below) I am realising two things:
1. Pruning is a real art form – requiring one to balance a hierarchy of botanical priorities, physical practicalities and a gambler’s nerve for now vs the future, and
2. It reminds me just how many facets there are to learn about when you become interested in a lifestyle more closely connected with growing/sustainability/simplicity/tradition etc etc (insert your unavoidable and inevitably stereotyping lifestyle descriptor here….)

It’s like a web – once in, you get tangled up in all sorts of wonderfully interesting threads, all connected together. And so much so, it can be hard to get out! Not that I imagine many people want to move away from this kind of life once they find it – more like once you start learning, you can’t stop. Maybe its more apt to describe it as some kind of enchanted garden that has seemingly endless nooks and niches to discover. The tricky part being, to navigate your own path.

Anyway, as a result of meeting up with new and old friends last night, I have a lot of topics rattling around in my head. I wanted to make a bit of a list of them and get them down somewhere – I thought I could do that here and share them at the same time. Perhaps it will be useful to someone? Or maybe it will just act as a “be warned – this lifestyle is highly addictive – symptoms include interest in, and possible partaking of, some or all of the following:”

  • wild mushrooms, edible weeds and foraging in general
  • hunting
  • fermented food and drinks (e.g. kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut – the list of foods on wikipedia is massive!)
  • cheese making
  • bee keeping
  • food forests
  • growing methodologies (e.g. organic, biodynamic, back to eden, eliot coleman)
  • permaculture (wiki description here, Australian goings-on here)
  • herbalism (growing and using medicinal herbs)
  • tiny houses
  • dumpster diving
  • living without the use of money (e.g. through exchange like LETS, gifting or hardcore examples like that of Daniel Suelo)
  • rituals and festivals celebrating the cycle of seasons, the year or our own life stages
  • story telling (see my little rant in a previous post here)
  • indigenous cultures and the myriad of skills they use(d) to live off the land
  • handcrafts like: basketry/weaving; spinning yarn; knitting/crocket; sewing…..

No doubt there is more to add – I just wanted to get those ones out of my head and in one place! Feel free to add your own …

I also wanted to talk about the Local Growers Collective here in Adelaide too – because it’s a great initiative. Essentially the ‘GroCo’ (as you will come to know it) is a network of people with an interest in growing – in any form that might take: currently growing; wanting to grow; novice; expert – whatever, it’s all good. Those who can, come together for a meeting, (about every six weeks), somewhere in Adelaide. The format is casual and normally includes some type of workshop, tour or brainstorming session at a member’s property or one of interest to the group. It’s all topped off with a share dinner and merry socialising – voila, recipe for goodness. So if you are in the area and would like to come along, or just want know more, contact Steven on 0421 816 106 or

Thanks Steven for bringing us the GroCo and happy lifestyle addictions everyone!

Mel x

market tents