1. Thank you! It’s certainly good to get ideas refined and on paper 🙂 Great – thanks for the suggestion, and yes we will definitely keep in touch! x

    1. Thanks Brindi! We’re working on it! Anything in particular you would like to hear about? Also, we will be blogging as we travel Australia, the US, India and Nepal over the next year or so – starting in October. Cheers, Mel 🙂

      1. Hi – no nothing in particular but so excited that ideas like yours are popping up in Adelaide. I’m in Freo but moving back to Adelaide soon. Will stay tuned to see how this progresses and love to get involved if I can offer anything 🙂

      2. Ok. Great! Hope the move goes well and thanks for the offer of involvement. We’ll be keen to see who else is keen when we get back 🙂

  1. dear wattles..met you on the train from salt lake..it was so good to be a small part in your travels that day..do you remember the women I sat with from nyc..what a kick to spend time with a women like that[ great wit and sense of humor]..I will remember her and you and wish you miles and miles of happiness..your friend, ron [craig, colo..

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