Review – The School of Life, Melbourne

Just because I can’t say enough good things about these guys – here is another shout out to the School of Life in Melbourne – a retrospective shout out from our visit there in 2014.

collage tsol

They are a super-cool hub for inspiration and learning around the important things in life. Topics cover all manner of things such as love, work, better conversation, the point of art and so many other intricacies and essentials.

Running classes, workshops and talks as well as hosting a conversation cafe -plus an excellent range of books and other inspirational items – what more reason do you need to check them out?

Anybody feeling like they want to learn a real life lesson or understand the paradox which is human existence, should check out their site here, or their parent London site here. Also see the hilariousness and profoundness that was our original visit here, in this post.

The School of Life – “Good ideas for everyday life”



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