Hometown Tour with Piggy

As we prepare to pack up and head off through Oz and overseas…


piggy 37 days low qual


… thought it might be nice to see where we are coming from. And what better way to kick off Piggy’s trip with us than a little hometown tour? Enjoy.


Our local beach - Port Willunga (or Port Willy for short - yes, you heard me)

Our local beach – Port Willy (local slang for Port Willunga) – yeah, life’s tough here…. we are spoilt with beautiful beaches, hills, fertile land and a temperate climate.


piggy market tents

Piggy preparing to enter the best farmers markets in SA (says me!) – the Willunga Farmers Markets – open every Saturday


piggy garden farmers stall

The Garden Farmers stall – inaugural winners of the market’s pioneering scholarship for young farmers


piggy bickleigh vale stall 1

Di from Bickleigh Vale Farm entertains Emma and Piggy at her market stall – this being the wonderful organic farm we volunteer on. Di is a vortex of awesome farming energy – she has a knack for attracting young people interested in agrarian activities and generously imparts her knowledge and time to them, setting forth many a new farmer…


piggy wilmark the magnificent

Emma & Piggy atop “Wilmark, the Magnificent” – the market’s official mascot.



piggy willunga waldorf school

Spot the piggy 1 – at Emma’s school, Willunga Waldorf. Excellent school for raising grounded, creative, confident children through the alternative Waldorf (Steiner) curriculum.


piggy almond grove 2

The biodynamic almond grove at the school – almonds used to cover a significant portion of Willunga’s growing land. Much has been converted to vineyards for wine.


piggy bakery A

Guess which local icon Piggy is hangin at now?….

piggy bakery B

Spot the piggy 2: It’s ‘Home Grain Bakery’ Aldinga – who also has a sister in McLaren Flat. Bakeries baking with real ingredients – the results speak for themselves!


piggy willunga hills

Ciao for now from piggy (and the hills and fields of our beautiful area) xx


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